T.E.R.O. Certified

The Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians has enacted the Tribal Employment Preference law to give preference to qualified Native American businesses when contracting and subcontracting.  The intent behind this law is to increase employment of Native Americans, to promote the growth and professionalism of Native-owned and operated businesses, to increase contracting opportunities for those businesses, and to reduce discrimination against Native Americans. The Tribal Employment Rights Office (TERO) is appointed by the Tribal Employment Rights Commission (TERC) to enforce this law.

For more information regarding the preference law or to schedule a training session, please contact a TERO staff member:  Or visit their website T.E.R.O

Jennifer Wildcatt, Administrative Assistant, 554-6421
Joan Bradley, Compliance Officer, 554-6422
Curtis Wildcatt, Compliance Officer, 554-6423
Mara Nelson, Manager, 554-6424

Businesses Certified as Native American Owned (by Tribal Employment Rights Commission.)

T.E.R.O. Certified Vendors